Hi there! I'm Jenifer Blanco, a creative art director and graphic designer from Caracas, Venezuela. I am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I've worked for 3 advertising agencies and clients such as Nivea, Eucerin, Miller Genuine Draft, Jeep, Oreo and more which have helped me improve my skills as a creative person. Currently I am at the creative social media department at Circus Mkt working for Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures and Spotify developing strategic and creative campaigns.

On the other hand I am hosting Jessica Walsh's Ladies, Wine & Design Buenos Aires, so if you want to join the conversation, give us feedback or just say hi to the girls visit the site and you'll have all the details about the dates, themes and what is all about! Also, I recently became co-founder of, which is a community for advertising women with the purpose of champion each other and achieve gender equality in the industry. 

I consider myself as an enthusiastic, tenacious, active and flexible person, who enjoys to work with people. I am also a believer of doing what you love to make it right and always having side projects to make your creativity fly. Two of mine are my mural art project Roraima and my creative Blog that you can also visit! I love to learn new things everyday and I believe that you can do that with just opening your eyes every morning and really look around you. The world is a playground, you just have to take advantage of it!

Make work into play, and play into work!


If you want to get in touch for a chat, work together (Yay!), or have any questions, just email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!