These are some of the advertising campaigns I worked in with the creative team in Circus Mkt. Buenos Aires. 

House of Cards S4 - Netflix   |   BRIEF: Argentina has a very politized society, so Netflix decided to do the launching of House of Cards Season 4 in that country. For that, we were asked to extend the show experience and relate HOC to Argentina's real world. IDEA: Federico Pinedo is a former president of Argentina. He was an interim president for 12 hours, yes, just 12 hours. For that he became a meme phenomenon, so we had Frank send him a direct mention on Twitter, "mocking" him for his expedient presidency. We looked for Pinedo's most retweeted tweet and we sent him a reply from the House of Cards' official account, making it look like a natural conversation between two presidents. RESULTS: Barack Obama mentioned the campaign. Free media for over U$D 250.000. More than 10k retweets. More than 1000 replies. HOC S4 broke all the viewing records in Argentina.

Orange is the New Black S4 - Netflix   |   BRIEF: Argentinan people love everything related to the entertainment world, from controversial television programs to the famous Argentinian version of Dancing with the Stars. IDEA: We contacted with Moria Casan (a famous vedette of Argentina, known for being imprisoned in Uruguay for drugs possession). We tweeted her photo dressed as one of the inmates as if she were to star in the show. Then we made a couple of videos of her interacting with the real actresses to gain more media attraction. RESULTS: All the principal newspapers and TV news shared the campaign. More than 28k retweets and all the sensation Moria can bring. 

Tweet MoriaTweet Moria

The Conjuring 2 - Warner Bros. Pictures  |  BRIEF: The Conjuring 1 and Anabelle were a total success in Latin America due to the love towards horror movies. So we were asked to create a unique and scary experience for the consumers of this genre. IDEA: We created an app that worked as a Demon Detector were people could materialize any ghost presence in their own homes. We also had the actors made a video to promote the app. RESULTS: 26k audios and images were generated through the app. The Warren's video had 646k reproductions. 16k likes and 2k shares.The biggest film in Warner Bros. Pictures history in terms of box office and tickets sold. 

Santa Clarita Diet S1 - Netflix   |   BRIEF: Santa Clarita Diet was a new original series from Netflix and we were asked to create a polemic campaign for Argentina. IDEA: Since the show is about zombies and it was pretty visual, we wanted to give the spectator something to talk about, hence we asked Dr. Adrián Cormillot -a real and well-known Argentinian nutritionist- to be the face of this campaign, promoting his own "healthy" lunch boxes, with the style of the classic infomercials. 

The Peanut Thingy - Quilmes   |   BRIEF: Capitalize trends on Twitter through social listening. Generate buzz and engagement in Quilmes' Twitter account. Create smiles in our fans. IDEA: Drinking Quilmes with peanuts it's a national custom in Argentina. The fans created a MEME of a Quilmes can with a peanut carrier attached to it. We developed #ThePeanutThingy as a real product, with a real campaign and gave it for free as a limited edition to the people who had the idea: the followers. RESULTS: The campaign had more than 18k retweets. 34m impressions. Messages of love, of every kind.